Joshua 6.13 – Seven priests blew seven trumpets

The Lord had given the children of Israel instructions on conquering the city of Jericho, and they began to do what the Lord said to do,

Then seven priests bearing seven trumpets of rams’ horns before the ark of the LORD went on continually and blew with the trumpets. And the armed men went before them. But the rear guard came after the ark of the LORD, while the priests continued blowing the trumpets (Joshua 6.13).

What a sight that must have been for the people in the city. Here was this army outside their walls, but they are not attacking. Rather than they are marching around the city, led by priests blowing on trumpets.

Oh, but those people had no idea what was coming, that the children of Israel were following the orders of their God, and at the right time, He would bring down the walls of the city, making conquering the city possible.

Out in front, there had to be seven priests with seven trumpets, for this was the Lord’s will.


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