Have you noticed how frequently the number 7 appears in the Bible? This blog will attempt to feature all the times that “7” appears, but not only when the Bible identifies the number.

For example, Revelation 1.11 refers, “to the seven churches which are in Asia…” but there are other sevens in the Book of Revelation that the Bible does not enumerate for us, such as the seven beatitudes in the Book of Revelation.

This happens frequently throughout the Bible. However, this is not the work of one person alone; I need your help to accomplish this daunting task.

By the way, have you seen all seven of the beatitudes in the Book of Revelation?

10 thoughts on “About

    • The 7 Pillars… Start there. They are KNOWLEDGE BASES.
      Wisdom comes from understanding them. What kind of wisdom you get depends on your eyes, perspective. Is it from the spirit of origin, truth or looking up from the bottom of the Pillar. They are known to Soloman but understood fully only by the Yeshua, the Savior. HE IS INFINITELY THE 8. THE PROPHECY BECAME THE PROPHET THE SON OF ALL POWER, GLORY AND AUTHORITY. TOOK THIER KEYS AND THRONES.

  1. In Acts 21 :9 , it mentions ‘Philip the evangelist, one of the Seven’
    Who are the others in the Seven ‘group’?

  2. I am Natalie, I was wondering why’s the number 7 so special. It’s my favorite number because my dad was 7 in Baseball, & he died a few years ago though. That’s why it’s my favorite. Now let me ask you, why isn’t 13 a special number? Judias Iscariot, betrayed jesus, was the last person to the Last supper. Building don’t have a 13th floor & stop at least at 12, & Disney’s Tower of Terror is based on the 13th floor, & horror

    • Hi, Natalie. That is a good question about why 7 is special. I have often wondered that myself. I ask myself, Why is 7 special to God? So far, I have not been able to come up with an answer, except that it represents perfection.

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