Numbers 23.29 – Will three sets of seven please God?

Balaam the prophet had Balak the king of Moab build seven altars, and offer a bull and a ram upon each one, hoping to get the favor of God to curse Israel, and when that did not work, Balaam had a second set of seven altars built, and the corresponding animals offered.

When the second set of seven did not work, he did this,

“Then Balaam said to Balak, ‘Build for me here seven altars, and prepare for me here seven bulls and seven rams'” (Numbers 23.29).

Perhaps three sets of seven would work, Balaam thought, but alas, that failed just as the previous ones had, because Balaam did not have a heart right with God.

Balaam appeared to be faithful to God, claiming only to speak, nothing more and nothing less, than what God authorized, but the prophet sought a change in God’s mind toward Israel, not because Balaam hated Israel or saw iniquity in the nation, but he wanted the vast wealth that Balak offered for cursing Israel.

Later Balaam would lose his life for his greed.

The best and only way to live is to live in God’s will, loving what He loves, and hating what He hates. Then you will not go after greed as Balaam did.


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