Leviticus 23 – The Seven Feasts of Israel

Leviticus 23 reveals seven feasts that the Lord initially wanted Israel to keep, initially because later others were added.

The seven feasts of Israel in Leviticus 23 are these:

  1. The Passover (vv. 4, 5)
  2. The Feast of Unleavened Bread (vv. 6–8), which was observed immediately after the Passover
  3. The Feast of Firstfruits (vv. 9–14)
  4. The Feast of Weeks, otherwise known as Pentecost (vv. 15–22)
  5. The Feast of Trumpets (v. 23–25)
  6. The Day of Atonement (vv. 26–32), which truly was not a feast, for they were to fast
  7. The Feast of Tabernacles (vv. 33–43)

That was no accident, nor was it mere coincidence, but the Lord knew what He was doing, and He knew how we would read His word, and He wanted us to see that in the beginning He wanted Israel to observe seven feasts.


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