Leviticus 14.16, 27 – Sprinkling oil before the Lord seven times for the cleansing of lepers

Even as potential lepers were isolated seven days as part of the diagnosis on whether they had leprosy, so when one was cleansed of leprosy, the number seven came into play again,

“Then the priest shall dip his right finger in the oil that is in his left hand, and shall sprinkle some of the oil with his finger seven times before the LORD” (Leviticus 14.16).

“Then the priest shall sprinkle with his right finger some of the oil that is in his left hand seven times before the LORD” (Leviticus 14.27 ).

Seven days for testing, and seven sprinklings for cleansing.

The Lord had His way and His reasons, and so the priests were to perform these things, even as Naaman was to dip seven times in the Jordan River, and six or less, or eight or more would have done the job, so seven sprinklings of oil from the priest’s left hand with his right finger before the Lord fulfilled the Lord’s prescription for cleansing from leprosy.


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