Exodus 25.37 – Seven-lamp lampstand

In Exodus 25.31, 32, the Lord told Moses to make a lampstand that had six branches, three on each side, but as you move through the text and come to verse 37, you will read this,

“You shall make seven lamps for it, and they shall arrange its lamps so that they give light in front of it” (Exodus 25.37).

The seventh lamp would be in the middle with three on opposing sides.

Do you think that is was accidental? No, nor did the Lord just throw out that number, for He is a God of order and precision, and He wanted lamps on that one lampstand, because it meant something to Him.

We often say that seven in the Bible represents completion or perfection, and we can see that in this case, because this seven-lamp lampstand was the only source of light in the tabernacle; hence, it was a complete source of light.

To get an idea of what this lampstand looked like, consider this image that appears in the Arch of Titus in Rome that celebrated the defeat of Jerusalem in AD 70,


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