666 Hits of Seven in the Bible

Now, here is an interesting thing. Using Accordance for MacIntosh, I did a wild card search on the word, “seven,” meaning that I wanted my Bible application to search for all the occurrences of any words that start with, “seven,” such as, “seventh,” and so on.

In the New King James Version, Accordance showed me 666 hits. That was interesting!


3 thoughts on “666 Hits of Seven in the Bible

  1. So this blog series is going to take quite a while then! But is that count of “666” really interesting, or trivia? Different translations have different counts. The KJV has 668; which two are missing in the NKJV?

    I tried counting in the NIV using (seven*,*7*); it gets 682, even though it only counts “777” once rather than three times. Some of the extra sevens in the NIV are translated “weeks” in KJV, e.g. Daniel 9:24-26. (sorry if that’s a spolier)

    • Neville, that count of 666 is only for the New King James Version, and so it is only a bit of trivia. I like what you said about Daniel’s Seventy Weeks in Daniel, and that is no spoiler, but I want input that enlightens, which is what yours does!

    • You are right, Neville, that this blog could take a long time, because finding the seven occurrences of things that are not clearly enumerated for us, such as I mentioned with the seven beatitudes in the Book of Revelation, will take a long time for us to discover, if we can even complete the job!

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